Wiper.ai - advanced AI-powered photo editing tools can help businesses create high-quality, visually stunning ads that capture their target audience's attention. Unlike traditional photo editing software, which can be complex and time-consuming to use, Wiper.ai's AI-driven photo editing tools are designed to be fast, intuitive, and easy to use.

Wiper.ai's AI-powered ad creation and photo editing tools are not limited to traditional image editing. In addition to its advanced photo editing capabilities, Wiper.ai also offers cutting-edge AI technologies such as text-to-image and language models, which can help businesses create custom ad images and copy quickly and efficiently.

Start with blank canvas

OK, so we want to create an ad for online dating, with motives of birds, city and love.
Open up Wiper photo editor and click "Add image" at the right menu. In "AI text to image" field input this prompt:

add a couple of black silhouettes of birds flying over the city forming a heart shape. Behind them, we can see big city blurry lights

Let's pick first photo, and add a big yellow moon as well. Pick a brush tool, and mark the area where you want to have a moon:

Now, open the "Options" from left menu and scroll down to "AI magic". Enter this prompt in the field:

add a big yellow moon in a distance

Aaaand, booom! We have a moon:

OK, let's add some text, let's put the word LOVE on the image and ask AI to generate a couple of slogans for our online dating site. Click on Add text, then click on the added text on the canvas and the side menu for text editing will open.  In "Text options" input text area add this prompt:

generate me love slogan for online dating site, including words: love, birds, city, lights - 10 examples

And AI will generate

1. "Find love under the city lights with our online dating site.

"2. "Join our flock of love birds and soar to new heights.

"3. "Discover the magic of love in the city with us.

"4. "Let our online dating site light the way to your soulmate.

"5. "Love is in the air, and on our online dating site.

"6. "Find your perfect match in the city of love with us.

"7. "Join our online dating site and let love take flight.

"8. "Experience the romance of the city with our online dating site.

"9. "Our online dating site is the perfect nest for love birds.

"10. "Love shines bright under the city lights, and on our dating site."

Yeah, that is good, let's take the last one:

And there you have it, of course, you can add your logo and URL to your site - but the main ad is completed.

Here is video tutorial how to do it:

AI - ad and copy creator