Lacking inspiration for your Facebook ad copy, youtube thumbnail, or amazon product description in multiple languages? Wiper can generate all of it for you.

OK, so let's take an example if we are running a campaign for  "vacation in Mauritius" online, in different countries, we will need to promote our product across different marketing channels. Let's see what is needed for one Facebook campaign

  • make research - πŸ•“ up to you, but let's say 1 hour: $40 -$100 (?)
  • buy the stock images - $10 to $100 per image
  • hire a designer - $75 to $250 per hour
  • prepare requirements for a designer - πŸ•“ 30 mins - $20-$50
  •  create an ad copy, set the tone of the message, and make it clear, concise, and effective  - Depending on your creativity, it can take from 5 mins to a couple of hours/days $10- $800
  • send the ad copy text to a translation agency  - price may vary, but let's say $0.20 per word. In our case, we can have 10 different languages:
  •  10 ads x 10 words = $20 
  • review - 1-3 hours, $40 - $300

Let's put this all together and use middle prices values as an example:

Task Time to achieve it
1 hour
Stock image
5 min
1 hour
Define ad copy
2 hours
Translation agency
1 week
1 hour
10 hours+1 week (waiting time)

In this case, we have been using lower-end prices for each task and we have been calculating that everything can be done with minimum waiting time (1 week)

... in reality, this is never the case, but let's just pretend.

With all the best-case scenarios, and no waiting time - we can achieve this in one week and it will cost us $390

Wiper can speed up this process to a 5 mins, and  for a fraction of the price:

  • Wiper can generate an ad-ready AI image - copyright free
  • Wiper can generate your ad copy text
  • Wiper can generate/translate ad copy text in multiple languages

Create an ad

To create an Facebook ad by using Wiper you can use 3 ways

  • Use predefined templates
  • Use AI to generate it for you
  • Create it by your self, being inspired by our templates

Generate ad copy 

Using our AI text generator, we can generate ad copy for your ad in no time.
Just by writing text instructions, you can define the tone of the message, define how long is it going to be, the audience you are targeting, keywords that the message should be focused on... the output language, and boom πŸ’₯ .... it is done...
one click on a button
You will have your ad copy text, message will be on multiple languages in correct tone and keywords.

Ad that was created by Wiper and in 5 mins, is here:

So what exactly we achieved here:

  • no costs for designer
  • no costs for stock photos
  • no costs for translation agency
  • no time loss